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[Last Updated: 05/19/15]

Financial institutions and technology partners that support Direct Connect are encouraged to start their MFA support planning now. Contact to begin working with us on implementing and testing your support for MFA via OFX's CLIENTUID solution. See the MFA support timeline below to schedule your server's "go live" date for a product version after its patch schedule date.

Intuit still believes the solution of CLIENTUID for QuickBooks and Quicken Personal Finance Software (PFS) products effectively balances the consumer's need for security and a great user experience. In addition:
It is supported by the OFX consortium.
It adheres to FFIEC guidance.
It reduces risk in transacting.

Intuit now has complete support for MFA per the FFIEC guidance in our product line. All of our products have been updated via patch according to the timeline below. The latest patch can be downloaded by customers via One Step Update in Quicken (updates are automatic in QuickBooks). Note that this document pertains only to financial institutions that support Direct Connect connectivity to either Quicken PFS or QuickBooks.

MFA Support
Quicken Windows
QuickBooks Windows

Again, if you are planning to support CLIENTUID, please email to work with us or to schedule a validation test.
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