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Intuit Security
Intuit understands the critical importance of security when communicating financial data over the Internet and is actively working to bring sophisticated security features to our products and services.
A security solution involves all aspects of the system including the client software, the communication protocols, the financial institution (FI) or service provider, and the customer.
Intuit's Risk Management Solution: Response to the FFIEC Guidance
In response to the recently published guideline titled: "Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment" (FDIC FIL-103-2005, dated October 12, 2005), Intuit is eager to join the financial institution community in learning the best ways to arrive at compliance with the guidelines by year-end 2006.
Intuit's primary focus will be on a positive and efficient user experience, customer privacy, data security, and our business relationships with the financial institutions.
Click here to find out about Intuit's risk management solutions for Intuit products."
Online Transactions Security
To provide secure transactions over the Internet, Intuit products use communication protocols specified in the OFX standard.
In addition to OFX communication protocols, there are important security measures at both ends of the communication "pipeline" including security practices offered by your financial institution or third party processor and built-in security features within Intuit products.
Quicken & QuickBooks Security Features
Intuit products use the security protocols specified in the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) standard to communicate over the Internet.
Intuit protects customer's data when stored at Intuit servers.
Additionally, Quicken and QuickBooks provide security features to allow the customer to monitor and control online financial activity.
Finally, the FIs and third party processors institute security practices that are critical to the overall security of the system.
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