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Intuit's Live Phone Escalation - Direct Access rights to Technical Support (DARTS)
Direct Access Rights to Technical Support (DARTS) is a direct phone hotline to our highest tiered support personnel for your most complex Quicken and/or QuickBooks support issues.
Intuit's Live Phone Escalation - Direct Access rights to Technical Support (DARTS)
Escalate to our most knowledgeable product support specialists.
Coverage for currently supported versions.
Typical Monthly Call Allotment for your most important calls:
10 calls per month for Quicken Windows.
10 times per month for QuickBooks Windows.
10 calls per month for QuickBooks Mac.
Your allotment may vary depending upon you agreement with Intuit.
A 10-call package can be purchased if you exceed or determine a need for an increase in monthly allotment.
No additional fee to sign up for this service if you are a Premium Plus tiered financial institution.
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Usage Rules
Hours of Operation : Mon - Fri : 7:00am - 4:00pm PT
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Call Transfer Policy
The financial institution representative will stay on the phone during the call.
This provides your representatives the opportunity to increase their knowledge of online banking within Intuit products and services. They will learn how to address this call type and can share their learnings.
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How to Get Started
You can contact your Account Manager to obtain information on pricing. If you are unsure who your Account Manager is, please Contact an Expert here.
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