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About Web Connect
The Web Connect functionality found in Quicken & QuickBooks automatically enters transactions and updates balances when a user logs into their financial institution's (FI's) web site and initiates a download.
A download may also be initiated through an internal Quicken or QuickBooks browser.
Downloaded transactions are automatically matched with existing transactions and new ones are entered into the register.
Previously downloaded transactions are filtered out so duplicates are not created.
Web Connect is a one-way communication from the financial institution's web site into Quicken or QuickBooks.
When using Web Connect, the financial institution's Web site returns an OFX response when the user initiates a download - without an OFX request from Quicken or QuickBooks.
Please review Online features by product version for more information.
Implementing Web Connect
The process for implementing Web Connect is broken into five distinct phases, each encompassing a number of steps critical to a successful implementation. The five phases are:

Step 1: Kickoff
During this phase you'll complete all required non-disclosure agreement and contractual paperwork with your Sales Manager; have an initial conversation with your Implementation Manager; and establish your branding presence in our test environment in preparation for development and testing. This discussion will include a review of our Branding Server, the Implementation Process as well as detailing important resources to assist your organization in offering this connectivity to your customers. If you have questions about an Implementation or if you would like to work with an Implementation Manager through this process please contact us here.

Step 2: Develop
As the name implies, the Develop phase is when you develop your financial institution web site and OFX Web Connect download capabilities. During this phase, you'll perform thorough initial testing of your web site, the OFX Web Connect file generation and download, and ensure the files accurately import in the Quicken and/or QuickBooks clients. This phase includes readiness activities in preparation for Intuit testing. Please go here for additional resources.

Step 3: Acceptance Testing
Often referred to as the Financial Institution Acceptance Test (FIAT) phase, this phase is where the Intuit quality assurance team verifies the functionality of your web site, the OFX Web Connect download capabilities, and the integration with Quicken and/or QuickBooks.

Step 4: Launch
Once FIAT is complete, your branding presence is moved into our production branding environment. Once in production, your customers can utilize Web Connect functionality. Your financial institution branding information will be listed within Quicken and/or QuickBooks. Assistance from your Implementation Manager is available for a short time after production launch to answer questions you may have.

Step 5: Support
Assistance from Intuit continues beyond your production launch and is available in several different forms. Product and technical support training is highly recommended, and monthly updates are provided with information regarding Intuit products.

Select one of the links above for detailed information about each implementation phase.