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Intuit Trademark Guidelines
Please ensure that all marketing materials conform to the Intuit Trademark Usage Guidelines.
To submit materials for approval, please see the Intuit Marketing Materials Review Process Guide.
Intuit has produced Trademark Guidelines to:
Ensure that your customers receive a clear and consistent marketing message about your online services.
Eliminate any confusion between your services and the Intuit software used to access and utilize those services.
By carefully following the four easy requirements set forth in this guide, you will properly use Intuit trademarks while maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Correctly Identify Your Online Service Offering(s)
The services (online banking, bill payment, investment data download, etc.) you provide to your customers (online banking, bill payment, investment data download, etc.) are different and distinct from the software those customers will use to access the services. In order to avoid confusion among customers and the public as to which is which, your online services must be presented as separate from Intuit's software. Thus, you should present them with their own "name" or descriptive term, followed by the name of the software. For example:

    Announcing our new XYZSM Online Banking through Quicken® software.

    Anytown Bank is now offering Anytown Online Services through Quicken® software.
    Announcing our new Quicken® Online Banking.

    Anytown Bank is now offering Quicken® Online Services.
It is important that you make sure that your use of Intuit's software brands and trademarks conforms to this co-branding requirement.
Use Appropriate Symbols and Legends
In keeping with the above, Intuit software programs are products, not services. Thus, the software titles are trademarks, not service marks.

Both Quicken® and QuickBooks® are registered trademarks and must be displayed with the "®" symbol placed on the right "shoulder" of the mark as shown.

The SM (service mark) symbol should never be used on any of the above software product names. Of course, the SM symbol may be appropriate to use in connection with the name of your online services.

The proper symbols, as outlined above, should be used in the first or most prominent instance where an Intuit trademark appears on any materials (including brochures, web pages, print advertising) but may be omitted for convenience in subsequent iterations in the same marketing or advertising piece.

In addition to the above, Intuit requests that the appropriate ownership legend be included in the "legal notices" text (fine print) of any materials in which Intuit trademarks are displayed. Depending on which trademarks are displayed, this legend should read as follows:

"Quicken and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc."
Use Only Intuit-Provided Original Logo Designs
When reproducing Intuit supplied logos, the only modification you are allowed to make is to resize the logos in proportion to their original height and width. No resampling or other attempted duplication is allowed and no alterations, modifications, cropping or additions to the logos are permitted. In four-color materials and web sites, the logos must appear in their original colors as supplied by Intuit.

Finally, the logo designs as supplied by Intuit will not be "violated" or touched in any way by any other text or graphics and there must be a border of space of at least 20 percent of the total height of each logo surrounding the logo on all sides in every instance where the logo appears. Please contact Intuit to obtain a digital GIF or EPS file, or other camera-ready artwork.

As with the typed or "wordmark" display of Intuit product names, the logo designs should clearly identify the Intuit software, but cannot be used to label or name your online service offering(s).
Make Proper Contextual Use of the Intuit Trademarks
When referencing Intuit trademarks, whether in brochures, web pages, or other materials, you should attempt to use the particular trademark as an adjective in at least its first iteration in said materials (i.e., "Quicken® software"). Subsequently, the generic term which the trademark modifies may be omitted where the immediate context shows that the term is intended, such as during repetitive mentions of the software within a single paragraph or section of text. For example:

    First iteration: We recommend using Quicken® personal finance software.

    Subsequent uses: Quicken allows users to better organize their financial lives.
You should never use any Intuit trademarks as a verb or adverb, or in a plural or possessive form. (This follows from the rule that trademarks are really adjectives, not nouns or verbs.)
Other Requirements and Restrictions on Use
In accordance with the Trademark Terms Schedule, Intuit must review all marketing materials BEFORE they are finalized or printed, and Intuit may provide input about how and whether said materials conform to these guidelines and/or the brand character of Intuit's software products.

The permission granted in the Marketing Agreement and Trademark Terms Schedule to use the Intuit trademarks is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable permission that extends only for the term of the agreement. Your financial institution may not make any specific representations (outside those discussed in the Marketing Agreement) concerning the functionality or quality of any Intuit products, nor that Intuit endorses the products and/or services offered by your financial institution, nor that Intuit recommends your products or services over those of any other institution.

Your institution is not permitted to use any Intuit trademarks or corresponding logo designs to disparage Intuit, its subsidiaries, its products or services, or for promotional goods, or for products which, in Intuit's reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage Intuit's goodwill in its trademarks, including but not limited to uses that could be deemed to be obscene, violent, pornographic or otherwise in poor taste or unlawful, or for the purpose of encouraging unlawful activities. Intuit reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law.

Nothing in the Marketing Agreement or Intuit Trademark Guidelines gives your institution any right, title or interest in any Intuit-owned marks. By entering into the Marketing Agreement, your institution acknowledges Intuit's ownership of its trademarks, and any use by your institution of Intuit-owned marks will inure to the sole benefit of Intuit. Your institution also acknowledges and agrees not to attack the ownership of, nor to register, or attempt to register, the Quicken or QuickBooks marks or any Intuit-owned marks, nor to use or register any marks that would cause confusion, or be likely to cause confusion, with these marks. Approval by Intuit of your institution's planned use of Intuit's mark(s) is subject to your institution's strict adherence to these guidelines. All rights not expressly granted in the Marketing Agreement are reserved by Intuit.