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Marketing to your Customers
Once you get connected to Quicken® and/or QuickBooks® via Direct Connect or Web Connect, there are many things you can do to improve the experience for your customers and for your Financial Institution.
Let Your Online Banking Customers Know You’re Connected
Tell your online banking customers about your new connectivity solution that can save them time and increase efficiency. You can use the Intuit, Quicken, and QuickBooks brand names in your promotions, provided you follow our guidelines and submit your materials through our review process.
Marketing Material Review Process
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Quicken Boxshots and Logos
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Sample Promotion Email: Web Connect (Quicken)
Sample Promotion Email: Web Connect (QuickBooks)
Sample Promotion Email: Direct Connect (Quicken)
Sample Promotion Email: Direct Connect (QuickBooks)
Take Advantage of In-Product Marketing Opportunities
Financial Institutions that connect via Direct Connect or Web Connect have the opportunity to reinforce brand awareness and cross-sell services to their Quicken/QuickBooks customers. When you sign up for our Premium or Premium Plus marketing programs, you’ll get special marketing capabilities within the Quicken and QuickBooks products, including:
  • Your listing and logo in the Financial Institution Directory
  • Your logo in other key in product locations
  • Banner ad in several in product areas, which can promote your services and link to any place on your website
Contact OFX Sales for more information about promoting your brand in Quicken and QuickBooks with the Premium and Premium Plus Marketing Programs.