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1. If you are an Intuit financial partner (currently hold an active MSA contract), please click the button below to submit any questions or request assistance on a connectivity issue.
Click Here

NOTE: Please collect the following information from the end user reporting the issue or from your testing. To avoid research delays, include this information in your inquiry submission.

Quicken/QuickBooks desktop
For Quicken obtain the Ofxlog.txt and Connlog.txt (In Quicken go to Help>Log files)
For QuickBooks Windows obtain the ~QBOFX32 and CONNLOG.TXT located where the company’s file is saved.
Look up log file location per product at Log Files Location.
Subscription Email address
Error Message
QuickBooks Online (QBOE) please provide
QBOE Company ID
Email address used for the subscription

Instructions to obtain the Company ID

1. Click on the gear in the upper right corner
2. Click on Your Account
3. Click on Billing Info, above the Company Name you will see the Company ID
2. If you are an employee of a financial institution that doesn’t have an MSA contract or OFX connectivity to Intuit and need to report a data connectivity issue with an Intuit product then click here
3. Not an existing partner and interested in becoming one?

Contact Intuit for product purchasing opportunities. Your request is important to us. It is our goal to respond to your request within 3-5 business days.